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If you are interested in learning one of the English, German or French languages with the quality of Tehran’s best institutes in the city of your residence or your workplace, just call JopFind, the top professors of Tehran will serve you. JopFind has an official degree in the field of French language education from the France Embassy.

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Karsazan Parsian Pars Fidar Company with the brand “JOPFIND” has been one of the pioneers in the field of occupation and international employment. Expertise and skill in making the right choices from a wide range of business domains and types of businesses is exemplary which is a feature of our long lasting knowledge and experience in this field.   We combine our broad knowledge of the demands and job requirements of Iranian job seekers with our knowledge, expertise and skills in the field of international employment to provide comprehensive and specialized services for employers and job seekers.

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JopFind Group is an international employment company with official license from the Ministry of Labor, Co-operatives and Social Welfare, which provides a wide range of immigration services through enjoying the best elite lawyers.  One of these services can be mentioned as receiving permanent residence through the skilled workforce process in Canada, Australia, Germany, Denmark, Qatar, and so on. Another service of this group is to receive a permanent residence visa through the entrepreneurship process and company regiestration in the above-mentioned countries. Of course, this company also provides the necessary services in the field of investment and student dispatch and receives your permanent residence.

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  • Prioritizing applicants' satisfaction
  • Education and continuous learning and improve the level of knowledge
  • Desire for sublimity and immorality
  • Responsibility
  • Maintaining ethical principles (commitment in safekeeping the applicants’ documents and information)
  • Customer orientation: Effective, professional and honest communication with the applicant
  • Legal advancement of the case with the cooperation of international lawyers in each country

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Why JopFind? 

Karsazan Parsian Pars Fidar Company with the brand “JOPFIND” officially licensed by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, with an efficient team of lawyers and immigration consultants about residency, investment, getting work residency, permanent residency and employment services based on skills or the same skilled worker, is active in Canada, Australia, Germany and the European Union. Due to having a complete knowledge of all immigration program, this company offers you the best and cheapest immigration process. This company will never offer you a more expensive method for more profit. As soon as the contract is signed, the company will provide you with a set of guidelines and necessary information that includes basic necessary information to get started, including the relevant forms and checklist of the required documents, and all the details that you should know to provide your necessary documents.

The company carefully read all the information received and then after completing the forms, will provide you with the final version, for your review and approval before sending it to the Immigration Office. The company keeps track of your ongoing process, either in written or verbally, in all stages of the proceedings until the Immigration Office will be able to reach the desired outcome. This company will allow you to view the latest status of your case on the site and with this service you will be able to have online access to all the information you have included in your case at any time. This information includes all forms and letters that have been sent or received in connection with your case to the Immigration Office. Some of the requirements of the applicants are educational needs such as language training and interview services at the embassy of the destination country; therefore, the JopFind group has provided special packages for the necessary training for applicants which are advice-centered and using top professors in related specialized areas, and provide you with these service packages